2011 Books & Articles

If you have additions, please leave a comment with as complete a bibliographic citation as you can provide. Please note, citations are arranged alphabetically. Also, citations are in a constant state of refinement; typos, errors, and incomplete citations are likely to exist. Please feel free to offer corrections on substantive errors in the comments (titles, authors, etc. but not punctuation/typographical/stylistic errors, please). As comment suggestions are integrated, the original comments will be deleted. Thank you. -Ed.

Mora, Anthony.  Border Dilemmas: Racial and National Uncertainties in New Mexico, 1848-1912.  Durham: Duke University Press, 2011.

St. John, Rachel.  Line in the Sand: A History of the Western U.S.-Mexico Border.  Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2011.


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One thought on “2011 Books & Articles

  1. Heather

    Hi Jared,

    Borderlands and the Future History of the American West
    Kelly Lytle Hernández
    The Western Historical Quarterly , Vol. 42, No. 3 (AUTUMN 2011), pp. 325-330


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