Museum Exhibit Opening: The Historic Guadalupe Mission Manso and Piro Communities of Ciudad Juárez

The El Paso Museum of Archaeology Presents

The Historic Guadalupe Mission Manso and Piro Communities

of Ciudad Juárez

February 25, 2012, 2:00 pm

Free Admission

 Dr. Terry Reynolds, retired NMSU University Museum Curator, presents her archival research on the history of the Manso and Piro communities that arose from the efforts of the Franciscan Missionaries beginning in the mid-1650s and continuing for over two centuries. The cultural and social differences between the Manso and Piro communities led them to adapt to Spanish rule in different ways. Neither community would survive their contact with Spanish settlers, but their respective demise also happened in different ways and at different times.

During her talk, Dr. Reynolds will describe the trials and tribulations of doing archival research on the border and the differences between what can be learned about history from archival research and that learned from stories told by family and friends. Her talk will be illustrated with lithographs, drawings and maps because she will be speaking of a time period before photography.


Dr. Terry R. Reynolds is a long-time museum curator, museum director and university lecturer. She is trained in anthropology and for over fifty years has done Southwestern research in government documents, church records, and personal papers, as well as by observing events, interviewing persons and living with families. One of her major interests is the impact of Spanish, Mexican and American rule and economics on Southwestern Native societies and cultures.

Information: Marilyn Guida, 915-755-4332,

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