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Is Borderlands History Just Turner and Parkman Without the Racism?

I read this fascinating post the other day from historian Ann Little. Among other points, the author discusses women’s history in borderlands literature. She writes:

I am so tired of reading “new” histories of the North American borderlands and “new” conceptualizations of “empire” that read  just like anything that Francis Parkman or Frederick Jackson Turner ever wrote, except minus the racism.  Now, that “minus the racism” part is important, don’t get me wrong.  But is it really an intervention for which modern historians should be congratulated when we assume that historical Native Americans were rational and had their own politics? Continue reading

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CFP: Culture and the Canada-US Border, May 25-27, 2013

Thank you for the heads up, Catherine!

Culture and the Canada-US Border: CALL FOR PAPERS

Straddling Boundaries: Hemispherism, Cultural Identity, and Indigeneity

Visit: Continue reading

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CFP: Youth, the Borderlands, and the Spaces In-Between

From American Studies H-Net list. Hat tip, Jeff Shepherd.

Youth, the Borderlands, and the Spaces In-Between

*Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, CA
(9-13 April, 2013) *

Conveners: Denise Goerisch (Department of Geography, San Diego State University and UC Santa Barbara) and Blake Hawkins (Department of First Nation Studies and Geography, University of Northern British Columbia) Continue reading

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The School For Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico

ImageI was fortunate to have been invited to visit the School for Advanced Research  in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Dr. James F. Brooks, SAR President and CEO while I was conducting research on curanderismo at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Dr. Brooks took my husband and I on a tour of the beautiful SAR campus, including the Indian Arts Research Center which houses a breathtaking collection–over 12,000 pieces–of Native art of the the Southwest.  The mission of SAR is to bring together artists, scholars from a wide range of disciplines, educators and the interested public to explore questions about the human condition, evolution, culture, history and creative expression. Continue reading

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