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Call for Borderlands History Syllabi

Hello Borderlands History Blog followers. As the the 2014/2015 academic year begins to pass us by, we at  the Borderlands History Blog have decided to create an interdisciplinary syllabus repository for courses on the U.S./Mexico, North American, and Global borderlands. Our ultimate goal is to establish a space where academics and teachers of all levels can access the latest information on the reading and visual materials, sources, methods, and assessments their colleagues use to aid students’ understanding of these diverse regions. Along with submissions from the field of History, we also encourage those from areas such as Anthropology, Comparative Borderlands Studies, English, Ethnic Studies,Indigenous Studies, Latino/a Studies, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Syllabi from fields not mentioned above are also encouraged! Please send your submissions as PDF attachments to Dr. Kendra Moore at and have an excellent school year.

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Borderlands and Transnational History at the 2014 Western History Association Conference

The Western History Association will hold its 54th annual conference in Newport Beach, California on October 15-18.

  Like last year, I have gone through the preliminary program to highlight panels deals with Borderlands or Transnational history. The conference theme is “The West & the World” so hopefully that will lend to some good transnational themes. I was on the program committee for this year’s conference and there are some great panels lined up, including some non-Borderlands ones that I might highlight in a later post. As always, the timing of the panels causes conflicts. In some time-slots there are multiple relevant panels, and in others, none. Overall, there do not seem to be as many as last year, but there are some other non-borderlands panels that look excellent and will make up for it! Plus, it can’t be borderlands all day and all night, can it?

Read the list here.

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