B/Orders in Motion

Welcome / Bienvenidos / Willkommen / Witajcie

Hello border crossers, benders, and breakers!  I’m excited to be sharing my experience with you as the Visiting Scientist for B/Orders in Motion.  Over the next three months, I’ll be publishing comments, photos, and interviews from Frankfurt(Oder)/Slubice dealing with the European University Viadrina’s approach to border studies, the lived experience on the German/Polish border, and my work as a researcher and educator.

My time here at BiM is part of a new exchange fellowship between the University of Texas at El Paso(UTEP) and Viadrina, tentatively called the “Looking East Initiative.”  In addition to working on my dissertation, “The New Wine: Spirit, Transformation, and Gender in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1960s-1990s” I am teaching a course, “Self, Sex, and Belief on the U.S.-Mexico Border: La frontera in a Global Comparative Framework.”  I am also offering online support to UTEP students.  Soon I will be posting a more complete description of Viadrina, B/orders in Motion, and the local community.  In the meanwhile, I’d appreciate any questions or suggestions you have for future blog postings.

Thanks / Gracias / Danke / Dziękuję

J. Aaron Waggoner
Visiting Scientist, B/orders in Motion
European University Viadrina
Doctoral Candidate, Department of History
The University of Texas at El Paso


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One thought on “B/Orders in Motion

  1. Welcome! Both your dissertation and your work with B/orders in Motion sound fascinating and important for gaining a multi-faceted understanding of life, identity, and gender in global borderlands regions. Your class on Self, Sex, and Belief also sounds interesting. Would you be willing to send me a copy of your syllabus so I can post it in the Teacher Resources/Borderlands Syllabi section of the blog? My email is Kendra.Moore@nau.edu.

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