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UTEP Borderlands Conference Call For Papers EXTENDED


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Borderlands History Interview Project Presents Dr. Ernesto Chávez

The Borderlands History Interview Project (BHIP) will showcase the voices of respected historians in our field to discuss their current projects and views on the future of borderlands history. We’re excited about this new venture and look forward to your comments!

While at the 2015 American Historical Association conference in New York City earlier this month, I was able to sit down with Dr. Ernesto Chávez, Associate Professor at the University of Texas, El Paso, to discuss his latest project and his take on borderlands history. He graciously accepted to be the first interviewee in our BHIP series, highlighting scholars who are changing and challenging our field. We nestled into the Hilton hotel conference room chairs, and trying not to disturb the other historians gathered charging their phones and frantically answering emails, we began our interview about his life, his new project, and the history and future of borderlands.
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Call for Book/Article Titles for Borderlands History Blog Historiography

Calling all BHB followers: As the 2015 school year begins, we here at the Blog are looking to update the page’s historiography sections and we need your help. What 2013/2014 texts and articles do you feel should be included on our page? As always, we welcome interdisciplinary and comparative borderlands submissions. Submit your favorite/relevant works on Facebook, Twitter, or at and we will add them to the Blog. If you have posted before you can just add them to the pertinent sections. Happy New Year!

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