Research assistant opportunity in Texas oral history

Dear readers, we wanted to let you know that Texas Christian University and its partner institutions are looking for research assistants for an oral history project exploring African American and Latino history in Texas. It’s a paid opportunity that will take place over the summer.

Research  Assistants  (RAs)  will  be assigned to selected  field sites  in  Texas  for  eight  weeks of  full-time  oral  history fieldwork.  With  assistance  from  the project  directors,  RAs  will  contact  gatekeepers,  consultants, and  community  leaders and  then  interview  a wide  range of  activists who contributed  to  the black  and brown freedom  struggles  (broadly  defined) in their  respective cities.  RAs will  also manage and process  digital  video interview  data  to add the project  website.   Work will  begin with a  two-day  training  and workshop at  TCU  on  June  2-3, 2016;  will  continue with  fieldwork  taking  place June 6  to  July  30 (including  a retreat  around  the 4th  of  July);  and  conclude  with a  two-day  wrap-up  meeting  and data processing at TCU on August 1-2, 2016.

For more information, follow the link:

Civil Rights in Black  and  Brown: Oral History  of the  Multiracial  Freedom  Struggle  in Texas

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