CFP: Upcoming Mexico City Conference on Mobility

The T2M conference is a great opportunity to engage issues of mobility comparatively and also across borders. It will be meeting in Mexico City at the Quinta Colorada in Chapultepec Park between October 27-30th. The deadline to submit a proposal is March 18th.

This year’s theme is “Mobilities: Spaces of Flows and Frictions” which emphasizes “ideas such as territorialisation and de-territorialisation, movement-space, space-time, and claims that state space is an effect of motion. Mobility studies and mobility history help us to think about space as dynamic, relational, [and] open… it has physical geographies, historical rhythms, and occupies concrete socio-technological constellations that include durable infrastructures, vehicles, corridors, gates, or barriers.”

As a scholar of Borderlands history with an interest in mobility and migration issues, I have found this conference to provide fruitful discussion on these themes from historical and multidisciplinary angles (full disclosure: I am also on the organizing committee).


For more information, follow the link to the conference website:

14th T2M Annual Conference 2016 – Mobilities: Space of Flows and Friction



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