CFP: Indigenous Writing and Culture in the United States and Canada

Happy May, dear readers, we wanted to let you know about a great opportunity. Scholars who work with Indigenous writing and culture of the United States and Canada are encouraged to apply. The Literary Encyclopedia wants qualified candidates for writing projects that will expand the program’s coverage of Indigenous people. From the announcement:

All offers of contribution should come accompanied by an up-to-date CV and, in the case of doctoral students who wish to offer a contribution, also a short writing sample. The overwhelming majority (about 90%) of our contributors are academic scholars, while the remaining percentage is made up of highly endorsed doctoral students and independent researchers.

If you want to contribute, contact the volume editor, Dr. Padraig Kirwan (, or the managing editor, Dr. Cristina Sandru ( For more information, follow the link.

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3 thoughts on “CFP: Indigenous Writing and Culture in the United States and Canada

  1. Wonderful new post! How exciting!I have a colleague from Historical- Anthropological Linguistics who speaks several native american languages (including Mountain Pima!) who is currently not employed as he is taking care of family. However, he is on the lookout for a new job. He is not native american but has worked for several tribes doing consulting on linguistic issues, currently works with an apache archaeologist, and has lived in Tucson for at least 20 years. He knows the tribes in this area and beyond extremely well. He’s been hired by tribes to build up languages of which only fragments remain. He is familiar with the borderlands and its history, and is very critical of anglo-saxonist expansion West, part of a broader imperialist project. He has an outstanding list of publications. He knows people in Anthropology and all who have worked with him comment on his brilliancy. Are you interested in such a person or are you looking for another type of candidate? Please let me know. My colleague is a rare and underused resource–most linguists do not have his command of native languages.

  2. Sorry for the irrelevant post-I thought this was a job opning

  3. Michael K. Bess

    Dr. Alonso, no worries! Your colleague’s work sounds fantastic and while we can’t offer him a job, we would love it were he interested in writing a post about his work with Indigenous communities for the blog sometime in the future. Thank you!

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